DockerCon Day 2 - Part 3

DockerCon Day 2 - Part 3

Next, they brought out some folks from McKesson to talk about their journey with containers. There was not a lot there that I hadn't heard before, but for folks that are just starting out their container journey, it is really inspiring to hear about large enterprise companies like theirs who are facing similar issues of managing hundreds or thousands of applications that manage processes all over the world. The fact that these companies are able to bring in technologies like Docker and improve their software delivery processes dramatically with such a simple tool is what makes containers so amazing.


McKesson took it a step further though and created a program where developers could collaborate and share their container experiences and help each other discover better ways of doing software development, rather than trying to figure it all out by themselves.


The way McKesson described it was that they wanted to give their developers Super Powers and let them figure out the best way of getting the business requirements done and abstracting away the hassles of dealing with how that code ultimately gets pushed into production. Operations folks like it too because once the images are built, you are literally just spinning up containers with those images and they can focus on the infrastructure side of things, focused on ensuring that the required resources are there to maintain high availability.

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